When we sit down together to discuss your needs, I’m translating your love story and your style into flowers.

Tell me how you met one another. What sparked your love? Where would you travel on your honeymoon if money were no object? These are just some of the questions you can expect me to ask when you arrive for your first consultation. There are no right or wrong answers.

The more time you spend planning your celebration, the better. Plan out the details of precisely what you want your big day to look like when the time to rejoice finally arrives. Together we’ll ensure that the floral element of your wedding dovetails with the venue and your attire.

Asking you questions helps manifest your vision. The more you share with me, the easier it is for me to get a sense of what’s important to you. Let’s brainstorm your dream wedding together. You might lack an extensive art vocabulary, but it’s our job to ensure that what we propose suits your style. With today’s technology, it’s never been easier to share pictures and sketches.

What’s the rush? Taking things slowly lets you grow your wedding budget. An extra year of saving means the difference between having everything you wanted and having to cut a few items. Expect to dedicate 10 percent of your overall wedding budget to flowers. Knowing precisely what you want helps you save money since you’ll make fewer last minute changes.

While it’s important for me to outline a plan that falls within the confines of your budget, if you never voice your wildest imaginative ideas, you’re doomed to never see them manifest. When you’re excited about your wedding and you truly love your intended, your vendors will catch that spirit and act upon it. Trust in our creativity. You selected the talent, allow it to flourish.

The more ornate your wedding, the wiser it is to pay for a planner, a coordinator, or both. A planner will ensure that you stick to your budget. They’ll wrangle vendors from square one so you don’t have to. A coordinator provides day of support. You’ll spend time mingling with your guests while your wedding coordinator spends time overseeing your vendors.

One size does not fit all! Are you eloping? I’m happy to create a few items à la carte rather than locking you into a package. You can always soothe hurt feelings by having a large gathering further down the road or hosting an event to mark an anniversary.

In general, consultations tend to take between a half hour and an hour. Some go longer, some are much shorter. It’s only natural for them to vary by client since everyone is different. You can choose to hold the consultation in the comfort of your own home or opt to meet me at a café. When you’re ready to talk text, email, or phone me to agree on a time that suits your schedule.

A $125 fee for a second consultation for large events covers the cost of sample arrangements. We’ll meet a little over 2 weeks before your wedding. This allows Blooms of Paradise to tailor your small table and personal arrangements according to your feedback in time for the event.

Think of this as a dress rehearsal for flowers. The selection on the market should be very similar to what will be available on your wedding day. We both get added peace of mind if things go well. In the unlikely event that things aren’t up to your standards, you aren’t stuck with something you didn’t want on your big day.

If you like what you see, you’ll pay for your special order. You also get to keep your samples. 😸