Gallery of Impermanent Art This gallery changes with the seasons and the ebb and flow of my work. It serves as a petite bouche of my portfolio. Visit again soon to enjoy its evolution. Contact Brooke if you have something specific in mind, but don’t see it here. Part

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Welcome Home

Grow hardy relationships with Blooms of Paradise.

Robust relationships don’t sprout overnight. Whether you’re looking to turn over a new leaf or honour a perennial favorite, we’re here to help you manifest your sentiments. Finding the right words can be hard, let us make showing your sentiments easier.

True floristry is a process through which an artist coaxes the aethereal into the corporeal. It is emotional sculpture that has a fleeting shelf life.

My mission is to match a recipient’s mood to the flowers available on the market within a client’s price range and time frame.

Blooms of Paradise understands that everyone’s life is a hybrid endeavour. We work and we play. We study and we relax. It’s only natural that we cater to both private events and corporate clients.