We will work within your budget to provide you with memorable arrangements you won’t find elsewhere. If you’re associated with a charity, please see our community page. This is true in especial for Libraries.

All pricing is subject to change. This pricing is a guide for √† la carte arrangements. It is often easier to create superior value and higher satisfaction with a custom package. Don’t be shy, ask for a free consultation!

Formal events

Boutonnières start at $35 (Order together and save at 5 and 10 customers)

Corsages start at $55

Altar arrangements start at $175

Visit the weddings page for more ideas.

For your home

Small arrangements and centrepieces start at $50

A small arrangement can be tucked away to make a niche pop.

Medium sized arrangements start at $60

A medium sized arrangement draws a guest’s attention to an end table or entry table.

Large wreaths start at $60

Focal arrangements start at $100

You’ll spot a focal arrangement from anywhere in a given room.

Mammoth arrangements start at $200

If you’re at the front door and you enjoy a sight line to the rear of your house, you’ll definitely be able to spot a mammoth arrangement. These arrangements tend to require at least a little site assembly.

For your business

Small restaurant table arrangements start at $20 (ask about discounts at 5 and 10 tables)

These work for parties of 2 or cocktail tables.

Medium restaurant table arrangements start at $35 (ask about discounts at 5 and 10 tables)

These are suitable for 4 tops.

Front desk arrangements start at $75

Window arrangements start at $125

For your school

Podium arrangements start at $250

Chair ties start at $40

Leis require advance notice and vary widely in price. They are handcrafted and the process is extremely labour intensive. A very simple ti leaf or carnation lei is much more affordable than a complex, compound lei. Traditionally, a lei should drape from your neck to your navel. Some customers prefer shorter leis that drape from their neck to their heart. You’ll need to provide Brooke with the recipient’s measurements to ensure a good fit.

Ask about our flower wall and pricing for architectural features.

In order to serve you better, we’ve turned off one click shopping.

Different flowers are available from the market every day. Our customers matter and we would rather talk, email, or text first so that you know what to expect up front. We don’t want you to accidentally order something that isn’t available and get upset. Brooke has seen a lot of retailers get online orders they can’t possibly fulfill and the resulting emotional fallout. Your transaction is supposed to be smooth not scarring.

On the bright side, sometimes certain growers have a surplus and we can alert you so that you save money. If you’ve ordered from us in the past, send an email to brooke AT bloomsofparadise.com to get flower gossip from time to time.

It is our goal to make your experience memorable. The more advance notice we have the better your arrangement will be. Saying something as quick as “I’m thinking about ordering something for my friend’s birthday next month” can be enough to give me inspiration and a head start.

In order to receive arrangements of exceptional quality please keep the following time frames in mind:

1 month: This is the minimum time we need for a wedding, reception or event requiring more than 10 arrangements. This does not apply to restaurant subscriptions, since we already planned what your business requires. Statement pieces that are several feet in height would fit in this category.

2 weeks +: If you give us 14 days or more, this allows us to contact a quality wholesaler and source top notch exotic flowers. It still might be the case that the wholesaler can’t find certain blooms or colors. We’ll let you know right away and work out an alternative. Relax, we’ve got this!

1 week: Sometimes you can’t plan too far in advance. That’s fine. Generally, a week is plenty to get standard flowers and even some exotics. Depending on your availability, Brooke might be able to send you photos of the wholesaler’s cooler to give you an idea of what’s on offer.

A few days: More often than not, this is all the time you have if a friend takes sick and you’d like to order a get well bouquet. If you’re looking for something in the next few days, we’ll do our best to accommodate you. The less restrictive you are with color selection and flower selection, the more likely you’ll be happy with what you get in this time frame.

Next day or same day: Flower emergencies happen. Brooke is happy to help you at the last minute, but please bear in mind that you might be the last person in a virtual line. Travel and exhibits might mean that your order will fall through the cracks.

There is a big difference between same day and next day service.

It’s highly likely that we can fulfill your order the next morning and nearly certain that we can provide something the following afternoon. Keeping something in the studio overnight allows me to ensure the quality of your purchase.

If you’re ordering early in the morning for evening or late evening delivery, it’s a squeeze. If you hold off until the evening, it’s unlikely that I can accommodate you.

If you have to have something now, we can’t necessarily offer the service you deserve or the selection you might want. While turning away a customer makes us both feel crummy, it’s preferable to overpromising and creating an angry recipient.

Wholesalers shut their doors in the early afternoon.

Caveat Emptor: Longevity of arrangements that are ordered for same day service tends to suffer.

Large scale arrangements take a long time to craft.

As always, please ensure that your recipient or a concierge is present if we’re delivering to a home.


Payment is due when you finalize your order and we send you an invoice.

We accept PayPal.

For larger orders placed in advance, we accept US postal money orders or cashier’s checks.

We’re happy to take personal cheques. We will charge you a fee for insufficient funds.