This very special arrangement tells the story of the 1939 Alexandria Library Sit In by means of flowers. Samuel Tucker Esq. is represented by a fabulous hydrangea. Mr. Strange, the lookout, is a leucadendron. Each sweetheart rose is a protester. The silver brunia were for the young men whose concerned families kept them at home.


We might be tiny now, but the concept of community is serious business.

There are many receptions, fundraisers, and auctions in Northern Virginia. The more notice you give us about your cause, the more likely it is that we can sneak you onto our donations in-kind list. Send us a text or email.

Even if we can’t find a way to make what you want happen for free, if you’re a 501(c)3 and the calendar is not booked solid, talk to us about getting what you want at wholesale cost. Blooms of Paradise will always donate labor to good causes when time permits.

Please support the Four Mile Run Market, your donation goes to making the park a better place.

Blooms of Paradise has been a member of the West End Business Association since March of 2018.

We’re a proud lender on Kiva. Brooke targets women in countries that supply flowers, are in the agriculture sector, or work towards a greener future.

This diva made her debut at the Alexandria Film Festival. The sparkling silver of the tall oval vase hearkens back to Hollywood’s heyday.