This very special arrangement tells the story of the 1939 Alexandria Library Sit In by means of flowers. Samuel Tucker Esq. is represented by a fabulous hydrangea. Mr. Strange, the lookout, is a leucadendron. Each sweetheart rose is a protester. The silver brunia were for the young men whose concerned families kept them at home.

We might be tiny now, but the concept of community is serious business.

There are many receptions, fundraisers, and auctions in Northern Virginia. The more notice you give us about your cause, the more likely it is that we can sneak you onto our donations in-kind list. Send us a text or email.

The work below was one of several donations of kind presented to at risk youth as part of an effort to prevent them from joining gangs. It was a very simple way to let them know they were loved and beautiful. Many members of the community came together to offer their services, goods, and time in this pursuit.

Blush pink hydrangea, hot pink spray roses, baby pink gerbera daisies, magenta cattails, and a bicolour pink rose in a cylinder vase are the perfect touch for a beauty salon's counter.
This work was inspired by a coiffeuse’s tabletop toolset.

Even if we can’t find a way to make what you want happen for free, if you’re a 501(c)3 and the calendar is not booked solid, talk to us about getting what you want at wholesale cost. Blooms of Paradise will always donate labor to good causes when time permits.

Please support the Four Mile Run Market, your donation goes to making the park a better place.

Del Ray Artisans is a wonderful gallery in Alexandria that provides a home to established artists and novices alike. Doggos welcome!

We’re a proud lender on Kiva. Brooke targets women in countries that supply flowers, are in the agriculture sector, or work towards a greener future.

A garland of cedar twines its way up metal tent poles. It's wrapped in ribbon and has round blue and silver ornaments. At the foot of the tent are three poinsettias in white, variegated pink, and red.
A cedar garland twines its way up tent poles at the Art League Holiday Ceramics Sale.