How did the tale of your love begin?


Weddings exist to formalise and externalise the bonds we share with one another. In modern times, it is a celebration of love. This event symbolises the commitment we have to those we hold most dear.
This bouquet is entitled "Sophistication." It was held by the mother of the groom. Astrantia, white statice, green lisianthus, vendela roses, mocchachino roses reflect the mature refinement of its bearer.

Outdoor settings shine in the fall and spring. Breezes keep your company cool. Parks, beaches, and farms provide pleasant vistas and spark inspiration. The weather can remain temperate through October and even into early November. Your choice of venue lays the groundwork for the creation of a solid motif. I will consider the scenery and choose foliage that weaves nature into your event. My expertise will thread colours and textures present in the background into the forefront. When an overall design echoes the venue’s natural splendour, the results are stunning.

Seasonality matters. While we are part of a global market, locally sourced flowers cut in their prime last longer, exude vitality, and can be less costly than far flung alternatives. Every flower is different; even flowers grown within the same row on the same farm vary. Most clients are delighted by a vibrant design that falls within their event’s colour spectrum and aligns with their style. Treat promises regarding longevity, availability of specific blooms, and colour specificity with extreme skepticism. In the realm of agriculture you are literally at the mercy of the weather. Flexibility reaps its own rewards.

Flowers follow fashion. It’s crucial to share a photograph of your attire with me as soon as possible. I will transform the fabric of your style into its botanical form. It’s rare that I’ll use dyed blooms, but if I do, take care in handling them to avoid stains. Repeating motifs and cues from your attire will harmonise the look and feel of your event.

Bridal bouquet featuring dried scabiosa pods, Pink Love roses, Cool Water roses, green hypericum, and Israeli ruscus.


Your bridal bouquet embodies the spirit of your relationship. It is a manifestation of the love you share. Sometimes another object, such as an architectural element, functions in this capacity. Splurge!

You’ll see photographs of your bridal bouquet for years. Premium flowers purchased for the bridal bouquet crop up in the wedding party’s arrangements. If you’re sentimental, work with a local artist to preserve pieces of your central arrangement. Resin, drying, and making pressed flower paper all breathe a second life into this work of art. We usually include custom hand thrown vessels that will be a happy reminder of the day you said “I do.” Depending on the style, budget, and type of arrangements, we might be able to use flowers that dry well or have been preserved.

Many fret over what their families and friends might think of their choices. It’s your wedding, it should suit your style. The number of decisions that go into this occasion can be daunting. Your guests arrive to witness a milestone in your life, not nitpick over the temperature of the entreĢe. Your company is invited to enhance your mood, not detract from it.

Every detail of this day – from the cake to the flowers – reflects the couple’s love for one another.
Love is love and taste is taste.

A custom designer tailors your event to your taste rather than taking a one size fits all approach. It’s never too early to schedule a consultation. The more notice you provide us, the better job we can do. If you’re thinking about a large family gathering, we’ll need at least a month and a half to properly bring all of the elements together.

Your first consultation is free and you aren’t committed to purchase anything. A few days after we meet, you’ll get a very rough quote based on your needs, and you’ll get our take on what arrangements might make your venue shine. You won’t get high pressure sales tactics or spam.

Detail of a paddle arrangement featuring gerbera daisies, lavender spider mums, thistle, and Pink Love roses.


Both arbour pictures at the top of the page are courtesy of C. Parnther. The image on the right depicts a collaboration. C. Parnther, A. Kai, and BWS Johnson all contributed.