You want to make the right impression on someone you value.

You desperately want the flowers you purchase to sing.

You want them to convey what you can’t. To be what you are afraid of. To smooth the rough places.

You want something to serve as a symbol for a deep seated emotion or to heighten a mood. You want them to be a reflection of an ideal, a mile marker, of something momentous.

You want to honour a relationship.

This is why ordinary franchises fail. This is why ready to go flowers are just okay. Like fast food, they might fill a need, but they’re largely junk.


Clicky one step online ordering leads to heartbreak. Inventory changes daily. Folks get substitution after substitution until the arrangement the recipient gets looks absolutely nothing like the original.

I can’t promise you what the weather will be. No one can. This is a bit scary.

I can’t promise you that what I do in future will match what I’ve done in the past. This is also frightening.

I can tell you that I will try and find something that fits your budget and your purpose. The more you share with me, the more likely it will be that you’re delighted by the results.

You are why I call myself a floral artist and not just a florist. This is different. It is storytelling, but hopefully you will find your effort leads to the extraordinary rather than just eh.