This quadruple ti leaf, orchid, rose, and carnation lei was made for a George Mason University graduate.


Take your campus events to the next level.

Commencement should be one of the proudest days for the entire campus community. Don’t settle for flowers with no connection to your institution. Show school spirit with blooms that fall within the range of your institution’s colours.

The pulse of academia can be very predictable and extremely reliable. You know who your doctoral candidates are. Staff mark their milestones of service from securing tenure to retirement. Show your appreciation for your donors with an extra special gift from time to time.

With sufficient lead time and your institution’s permission, we’ll provide an arrangement in a hand thrown pot stamped with your logo or glazed in one of your school’s colours. Alternatively, we can hand paint or stain plaques in a rainbow of colours.

Are you a vocational institution? Brooke is happy to give your students a hands on primer at how she assembled one of the items featured at your event.

Brooke will consult with your procurement specialist to design a plan, whether it’s for graduation day, orientation, or another occasion. Given enough time, a site visit can be arranged to ensure that everything is constructed at the right scale.