Pricing, Payment & Subscriptions


What better way to enjoy fresh flowers at a frequency of your choosing on a budget that you set?

Brooke will consult with you on site in the comfort of your home or office to get a feel for the scale and style of the arrangements you require. The initial consultation is free of charge. Decide if you’ll splurge on custom vases you can keep, save money by sending the vases back when you’re done, or split the difference and we’ll come and collect them.

Subscriptions let you enjoy new flowers every month at special pricing. For a monthly price that fits your budget, you’ll get a fresh arrangement delivered to your business, your home, or both.

As long as the recipient’s address is within our delivery radius, you can vary where it’s sent. This means you don’t have to plan for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, et cetera since we already have you covered.

For example, if your budget is $60 a month, you’d receive a bouquet or arrangement every month worth that value for a $600 annual charge. That’s two months free! You can also split this so that you receive a $20 bouquet at work and a $40 arrangement at home.

Loyalty matters to us. We know you can chose another florist, so we want to reward you for coming back to Blooms of Paradise. After you’ve placed and paid for 3 orders, ask about a cash or check on delivery option.


Formal events

Boutonnières $15 (Order together and save at 5 and 10 customers)
Corsages $25
Altar arrangements start at $100

For your home

Small arrangements and centerpieces start at $30
Medium sized arrangements start at $50
Wreaths start at $50
Mammoth arrangements start at $150

For your business

Small restaurant table arrangements start at $15 (ask about discounts at 5 and 10 tables)
Medium restaurant table arrangements start at $25 (ask about discounts at 5 and 10 tables)
Front desk arrangements start at $50
Window arrangements start at $75


In order to serve you better, we’ve turned off one click shopping.

Different flowers are available from the market every day. Our customers matter and we would rather talk, email, or text first so that you know what to expect up front. We don’t want you to accidentally order something that isn’t available and get upset. On the other hand, sometimes certain growers have a surplus and we can alert you so that you save money.

It is our goal to make your experience memorable. The more advance notice Brooke has, the better your arrangement will be. In order to deliver arrangements of exceptional quality please keep the following time frames in mind:

1 month: This is the minimum time we need for a wedding, reception or event requiring more than 10 arrangements. This does not apply to restaurant subscriptions, since we will already have planned what your business requires. Statement pieces that are several feet in height would fit in this category.

2 weeks +: If you give us 14 days or more, this allows us to contact a quality wholesaler and source top notch exotic flowers. It is still the case that the wholesaler can’t find certain blooms or colors. We’ll let you know right away and work out an alternative.

1 week: Sometimes you can’t plan too far in advance. That’s fine. A week is plenty to get standard flowers and even some exotics. Depending on your availability, Brooke might be able to send you photos of the wholesaler’s cooler to give you an idea of what’s on offer.

A few days: If you’re looking for something in the next few days, we’ll do our best to accomodate you. The less restrictive you are with color selection and flower selection, the more likely you’ll be happy with what you get in this time frame.

Next day or same day: Brooke is happy to help you at the last minute, but please bear in mind that you might be the last person in a virtual line. If you have to have something now, we can’t necessarily offer the service you deserve or the selection you might want. Large scale arrangements take a long time to craft.


Payment is due when you finalize your order and we send you an invoice.

We accept PayPal.

For larger orders placed in advance, we accept US postal money orders or cashier’s checks.